Automatic: SimBrief OFP to Infinite Flight FPL, Loading, Top of Climb/Descend, Cruise, Liveries, and Fuel Analysis [FPLM!NER]

yeah, unfortunately it doesn’t have the SID/STARs and FIRs maybe as you mentioned. It looks very nice though, sigh…

It doesn’t have OTHH as well. I fly into OTHH a lot. It doesn’t offer much controls as well

Do you know by the way how to change the descend/ascend rates when generating the FPL in SimBrief?

Like @dush19 said, SimBrief is a way more reliable website when it comes to flight planning in my opinion.

It might not be such a bad idea to email the creator of Simbrief and ask if there’s a way to integrate your IF Spreadsheet into their downloadable files. They do seem to have a way to input the FPL for many flight sims.

Don’t know if it will work but might be worth a shot :)

Yeah I like sim brief more then this one.

But it’s still quite good

See the link to the FPL Repository Topic for more info.



Thank you for this! Much needed

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@SkyHigh Do you wanna put the latest version into the origional post maybe?

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I just came across this, you my friend are a champion I haven’t used it yet but I will tonight for a flight, thank you this is epic!


Hey! I can’t seem to figure it out, so can someone do it for me? FPL: ANKE6S ANKER Y104 MAMOR UL132 AGNAV P733 TOMTI/K0906F350 P733 NIKMI M994 GOMED R801 RUSNE/N0488F350 M994 PIRUS/K0902F350 B170 OGINO R822 ASNOL A834 AKADA B486 MEDER B154 RIMEB/K0880F370 B154 TARSA B108 LANAP B123 KRN R809 RONUL/K0867F390 R809 KTN A91 AGINO A810 TELOK/K0876F391 A345 MANLI/K0880S1190 A345 HLD B451 UGABI W39 YNJ R224 VASRO/K0898F390 R224 KANSU/N0486F400 B332 IGRAS/N0485F390 B332 JEC G597 TOZAN Y38 ROKKO IKOMAN

Hi, Can you tell me where you have the problem? The Google Sheet or SimBrief?

By the way, the image above is what I get when I check your route at SkyVector which I don’t believe is what you had in mind. If so, let me know your intended Origin/Destination and the Aircraft you want to use for the flight, and I can post the details here for you.

Hello!I figured out what I was doing wrong, and I also see I messed up while making my flight plan. Thanks though!


Does this also work with FlightPlanDatabase?

Only with LIDO format of SimBrief OFP

I have been using this for a little while and it’s great! Thank you.


The Latest Version: (February 2018)



Copy and paste the entire cell below? Like into the map airport search?
I thought you could only out in waypoints and GPS coordinates…

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Yes I mean that entire black cell into the map search in the FPL section of Infinite Flight.

I have formatted it in a way that INFINITE FLIGHT would only pick up the waypoints and not the extra info


Hey this is so awesome!

when I click on it, it says i do not have the access right to access the document… Have sent you a request via Gmail.Doc.