Automatic Shutdown Timer/Low Fuel

Hello IFC,

I have a request for an idea I have, that would really help people out.

The whole idea: Infinite Flight would disconnect the flight or kill the app when:

1: A certain time is reached.
2: When you run out of fuel.

An example: I leave my phone running a 5-hour flight. Then I go running errands, and I don’t return for 7 hours due to plan changes. Therefore my aircraft crashes and my account is penalized.
The automatic shutdown feature would prevent this.

Please share any ideas or comments that you have!

I understand things may happen which aren’t under your control, but you shouldn’t rely on this to save your back every time.


Easy solutions:
Fly on casual
Plan extra fuel, especially if your plan is unpredictable.


That defeats the whole object of it being a sim. When you run out of fuel in real life, the flight doesn’t just end, you gotta get the plane on the ground.

My recommendations assuming you have multiple devices:

  • Monitor your flight in LiveFlight when you’re away from your device
  • If you have an iOS device, you can remotely lock it from another device using Find My iPhone, which would kill the app
  • Don’t start a flight you can’t finish

Also about your time idea, I finished a 19 hour flight last night. If the app is killed after a certain time, that wouldn’t have been possible…


It would be an option to toggle the timer.

Im sorry but what does crashign online does to your account ?

Also, Set an alarm, thats what I do
come back around when i have to descend.

Usually over speeding under 10,000ft violations

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Thats not all
take a look at this

I’m not sure which other violations you would get for falling from the sky…anyway let’s get back on topic

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Why don’t you make your FPL have a holding pattern around the airport. So if you do miss your approach, you don’t have to land at another airport, your plane would be going in circles around the airport you wanted to land at.