Automatic Set Airport issue

The auto set airport to last airport for flight ending isnt working. While on the menu the airport is saying my last airport I de spawned at but when I open up to select the spawning gate the airport that comes up is where I spawned into last time. The Automatic Set Airport option is on. Turning it off and then on again does not resolve the issue.

Device: iPad 6th Gen
iOS: 12.4
IF version: Latest

I don’t believe that works on live, only solo. But I’m not totally sure

Do you fully taxi to the gate after you land? And all the good stuff before you end flight?

Always do. Into the gate. Full shut down even the master.

It should work in live, that’s pretty much what it’s for, when you go to your logbook and it says the airport you landed at is that the airport you’d spawn in at?

Look at the Live selection screen also. The airport is listed as being RPLC there but when opening up the spawn menu the airport shown reverts to my previous spawn airport of RCTP.

yea i don’t use that feature, hopefully someone who does can hopefully help :)

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I just did a quick solo flight from KSEA to KBFI in a 757. Parked at a gate and exited the flight. Then, I checked to see if it was the same gate I parked at, and it was. Are both of your engines at 0 N1, all lights off, and sealtbelt/no smoking lights off? If that doesn’t work try restarting your device.

As said before full post flight shutdown at a gate. Someone tipped me off that it may be if you go to replay the previous flight file. If you replay the previous flight the spawn select screen puts it at the airport you spawned into in the replay. I’m able to reproduce it that way again.

So what you’re saying if you go into your last replay file then it works? And you have tried restarting your device correct?

This is reproducible on other devices from others not just mine. This is not a matter of bad install there is a bug in the app.

To reproduce you must replay a previous flight. The live screen will say you would spawn at your last arrived airport but if you open the airport spawn tab you will be taken to the spawn airport of the replay.


Try doing on live this time rather than solo

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It’s working for me on live. On my last leg, you can try reinstalling but if you decide to it’s gonna delete all of your replays.


This is a known issue which is, as you noticed caused by the replay. It’s a side effect of how the replay is basically using everything as you would when launching a regular flight, but it’s replaying the recorded data instead of having you fly.

We have it logged :)


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