Automatic Seatbelt Signs

Automatic seatbelt signs is a feature I really want because it makes the overall user experience just that little bit better. On long-haul flights where one can’t or doesn’t want to be actively monitoring the weather, this feature (if set) would be doing exactly that. If the turbulence and/or wind velocity exceeds a set limit value, the seatbelt signs will automatically turn on. While seatbelt signs aren’t essential to the operations of an aircraft, it, once again, helps make the user experience just that little bit better. Personally, I’m always bugged when I check on my flight during turbulence and the seatbelt signs are off, or when I forget to turn them off and only realize 7 hours in. This helps avoid that.
When turbulence and/or wind velocity goes back below that value, the seatbelt signs would automatically turn back off.
You wouldn’t have to use automatic seatbelt signs, you could still do it manually by dragging the button up and down, similar to how it works with systems like autobrakes. Here’s a quick rendering I made, sorry for any inaccuracies that exist to the the style of the user interface:

The “on” means that the signs are currently on. If they are off, it would read “off.”
In addition to during turbulence, the seatbelt signs could also turn on when set to auto if the aircraft descends below, say, 10,000 feet or is on the ground. They would also turn off automatically during climb when above, say, 10,000 feet (if the conditions allow.)
Another thing that could be added is that the sign could be set to automatically turn on or off at a specific waypoint or after a certain time period.
Thanks for reading! Please post any questions you may have about this feature request below.

I made this because the old thread was inactive and had no votes. It has been closed, but if you want to check it out, here’s the link: Automatic seatbelt
I also don’t know if I need an image source, but in case anyone is wondering, I made it with the small amount of knowledge I have of photoshop :)

This is a thing that exists IRL. Below is a picture from the flight deck of a 787:

Credit: 787guide


I suggest you change the link to the origional so that it goes to the OPs post, not my random comment.
However, thank you for accidentally notifying me because I’m going to try and clear a vote for this. When I wrote my origional reply, I didn’t consider that it would be really helpful when going AFK to have the sign automatically ping on.
Another nifty add on would be if you could assign a waypoint for it to turn on/off at, so if you were expecting bad weather at a certain point you could have it turn on a little prior.

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Fixed! Sorry about that, and thanks for the vote! I will add your suggestion.

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My old topic got closed with the mod saying “New Feature being made” so perhaps this is coming!

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Unfortunately, I think by “new feature” they meant “new feature request”. It just got closed now.

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No hard feelings or anything, but I asked for it to be closed, as it was inactive and had zero votes. I’m hoping this one gets a little more steam behind it so that this feature is implemented. Thanks for voting!

Wow I’m actually surprised this hasn’t been requested before. I’m definitely voting for this though makes everything run a lot smoother and better so I don’t have to turn the seatbelt signs on/off for my virtual non-existent passengers. 😖

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I mean I like the idea but I just doing see the whole need for this.

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thanks for the vote!

The purpose is to be realistic as possible for a mobile flight sim. While it’s not necessary to fly, it enhances the user experience from the perspective of realism. This is simple enough that it shouldn’t have that big of a performance penalty while at the same time removing something that I and probably many others find to be an annoyance, which is forgetting the seatbelt sign either on or off. One could easily say the same thing about the recently implemented autobrakes - it’s not the end or the world if we don’t have them, but it’s nice to have and enhances the experience, think of it that way.

Oh no problem, your topic is far better with examples and everything

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One away from ten votes, is it possible? :)

small bump, can we hit 15 votes? :)

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The “AUTO” function does not turn the seat belt signs on automatically from turbulence, it only ensures the seat belt sign is on when flaps or the landing gear is extended (in case the pilots forgot to turn it on). As such, this is not a feature that is likely to get added to Infinite Flight. I have closed this request so that your votes can be returned to you and used on other features that you would like to see. Thank you for your understanding.

For more information on the recent changes we made to the feature category, please see this announcement: