Automatic save every 60 seconds

I’m sorry but just because it doesn’t crash for you, doesn’t mean it doesn’t crash for other people. Really, just take a look at all of those topics complaining about why IF is crashing. Come on, let’s get serious now; Infinite Flight is never going to run with a 0% chance of crashing. But then again, I do get that you have a different opinion to me, although for some people, it still crashes for no reason. So yeah, you may think it’s not needed, but I do…

But then I I found this feature only applied to solo mode, then why would anyone use it? Because they wouldn’t get the XP. I understand you point but what’s your idea on this feature? It could maybe save every 10 minutes like how the XP system works.

XP is already saved in regular intervals throughout the flight.

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Yes I know but I really don’t care about getting the XP. The reason I want this feature is because I want to be able to complete a flight. I think I’ve only completed like under 20 flights because of how much it crashes

You must have a really old device if IF constantly crashes. Like mentioned before, it is time you invest in a newer device.

Mmmmh, did you reinstall the game?

I’m not sure I understand what you mean?

Albeit, I like the idea of having the flight saved every x minutes (on Solo) and being able to reconnect and continue with your flight in (case of a game crash). However, this raises another question -

Who even uses Solo nowdays?

With the introduction of the new “Pro” subscription, Solo use has decreased significantly. This is because to play IF, you need an internet connection. So… why would anyone use Solo when they can use Multiplayer? (which, in my opinion, is much much more fun).

The only reason I see for a user to use Solo is to take photos (the ability to “REPLAY” your flight). I don’t think there are enough people who would utilise this feature for it to be added.

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I would not support this on live due to the aspect of ATC. I would not want a plane to just appear out of nowhere 10 miles from the airport and expect service. Solo only.

Yes, XP is saved every so many minutes. Flight time is not. Keep in mind that the crashing issues are usually caused by performance issues. Adding something behind the scenes that takes up processing power to record every users location, stats, every x minutes may make the problem worse. It feels like the request is a band-aid on top of a band-aid that is covering the root cause of performance issues. My suggestion is to be patient while FDS works to scale servers and make performance better for everyone. If everyone had the same device this would be a piece of cake!

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I’m probably in the minority but I play solo simply because, yeah, I’m solo, the only one on the map.
Don’t have to worry about ATC and other players on the map. Simple as that.

It’s a reasonable idea, though it should be about 5 mins or 10 mins per autosave because 60 seconds are too short.

If it’s keeps saving, does this require more storage?

Since the global scenery is now being streamed… to save a partial version at specific intervals would have to be done at the server level…since most phones and tabs would not have sufficient storage to handle all the auto saves…l remember the old days when you could save multiple back versions of a pc game in progress… but l don’t think that most mobile devices are capable of that yet…since the streaming contents must be loaded into main memory… not secondary storage !!!

I have made a feature request before and I know how to stop it from crashing for a bit

Please refer to this

As I stated before, it will delete the save before after you complete another save

And, did I ever state that I wanted the XP. All I said was that most people want it. All I want is to be able to fly 10 hour flights or more. But, that’s currently impossible for me…

My point was that you are doing a feature request to work around a defect in the application. Let them fix the defect and the need for a saving mechanism goes away.

If you end your flight cleanly you get credit up to that point.

I never crashed in the old version. Its all of this new update that causes my device to crash. I’m going to get an iPad though. Any you could recommend under £300?

But ending my flight without it crashing is pretty much impossible for me so this is why I’ve requested this. But then again, like you said, they will eventually fix it

I was referring you to pressing the exit button during flight. If I am flying a 10 hour flight and need to do something for work, I hit exit and I get credit up to that point.

So if they fixed the performance issues and your crashes went away, there’s no need to save every 60 seconds? Correct?

Either way I think you see the point I was trying to make. Good luck.

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