Automatic Route Selection

There should be an automatic Route Selection in infinite flight. Its so time consuming seleting path for your flight. It should be user friendly. User should just enter departure and arrival airports and system should suggest the possible routues.
It will not only save time also new users will be happy because they do not have to understand that complex and time consuming part of routine selection.
I hope someday that happens.

You can put this in #features if you like. But you have to be TL2

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If I’m not talking nonsense, I believe that on another mobile simulator it’s possible, so I think it’s quite feasible, but certainly not an emergency.

I have something that might help you a bit. Check out this portion of a website called It helps you make a flight almost like how you described it:

Otherwise wait until you are TL2 and create a feature request. Please search before posting and make sure you put valid info in the Required.

Thanks, Sasha!


In my opinion, creating a flight plan is very fast and easy, after STAR’s and SID’s were added to Infinite Flight. Simply, add an SID to your departure airport, connect your route with a few waypoints and VOR’s, and of course connect the arrival airport with a STAR. This takes less than five minutes.

If not, as other mentioned above, should cover every flight planning information. I usually enjoy creating flight plans, and in the real world, lots of time is required in creating a perfect flight plan. This is of course due to real world restrictions, and weather conditions.


You need to be TL2 to post a feature request as noted. Thanks!