Automatic Pushback

I think it would be nice to have an Automatic Pushback Burton on Solo and Live. You know in real life when Ground Staff come out for A320’s to line them to the taxi way.
When requesting pushback from Ground, it would ask if ground staff would be needed for automatic Pushback. You would then reply for either:

  1. Ground Staff needed

  2. Manual Pushback.

I know many people might get confused about “Automatic Pushback” so I’ll explain a bit more.

When you have requested for ground staff a message (automatic, not from ATC) will appear saying Ground Staff ready. this part is for added realsim
You will then go to the Pushback section and hold down on the Pushback button. A little box will appear next to it with “Automatic Pushback” inside. Obviously, you will press that and you’ll start reversing.

The Automatic part of this is lining up with the taxiway. I always line up really badly with the taxiway so I thought everyone could use this.


I am not a developer or something but I am not sure this is that easy to make… someone please correct me.


I have the same problem so i think this is a good idea


Yeah, that’s what I was thinking, but it’s worth a try

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It just takes practice. You can’t learn or get better at something if you have an outside source do it for you. No one is perfect; therefore, there is always room for improvement!


You’re right, but I thought it would be nice to line up nearly perfectly on the taxiway.

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This would not be easy to add, and for what it’s worth you may as well just learn to pushback manually, it’s not that hard after some practice.

It’s an idea, but it’s time and effort that could rather be spent on something bigger and better.


Not a bad idea, I’d actually really like to see this added ;)


How would computer know how to line up


Just like how the localizer works. FDS would make the computer know where the middle of the taxiway is

Don’t pushback while in the cockpit view.


I wouldn’t need this, but it still would be a cool feature.

Thing is, would there be a button that allows you to automatic pushback to the left or right?


Would be a useful feature indeed

Noooooooo that won’t work. Localisers follow strict rules and are very simple to make. Just an extended centerline for the runway. The taxiways are no where near as simple. How would it know which taxiway to line up with? What if it’s curved taxiways? Would airport editors have to manually add the pushback direction for every spawn of every airport?


This is helpful, since I can’t always make the plane go straight into the line sometimes

You dont have to be perfectly center with the taxi center line, I’ve been on a bunch of flight were they pushback the aircrafts at an angle and the pilot take it from there.

Mmmm i get you. It is harder tham i think it is


Would be hard, maybe only at major airports (a380 capable). Again there’s lots of different factors so this is difficult.

@dylonez… MaxSez: Airliner routinely Push based on schedule/block times know by Alcon. Ramp Crews are on hand for ground handling. Since IF. chooses not to develope GSE we have the next most practical option, the push back button located in the cockpit of those craft that routinely push. Don’t think this one beats the smell test. Regards

PS: Have trouble ground steering & line up. Practice makes perfect at some remote airfield where practice belongs :)


It’s called a spelling mistake, we all make them.

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