Automatic Plane Finder & Chooser (via Registration ID)

I can’t imagine this hasn’t crossed my mind before!

Many airlines have different types of configuration of planes, e.g. JetBlue has A320 with or without sharklets.

So pretty much, we all heard the devs say that it’s not a “big deal” to insert different engine types and wing tips. (e.g. Doritos or Sharklets for the A320).

This feature would search up registration IDs and insert the correct configuration into the plane. It would as well “write” the callsign into the fuselage of the plane.

If possible, this could as well render in into other players using Live.

Any thoughts? P.S. Nothing is impossible, this is Infinite Flight.

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Max Ask’s; @Maxim… Maxim… My IPad has limited storage space. What App of the many I use do you suggest I delete to make room for this monster program!

By searching callsigns, you mean using real life data about aircraft and loading the appropriate config?


An idea, but as ‘Max Sez’ that will fill up device/server space. Plus, quite frankly I dont really care about this, but I no others will.

Spot on.
I’m pretty sure the database can be on a ?server? and your iPad doesn’t need to go through all the files.

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That’s a lot of data to work with, not all of which is available -> up to date flight schedules for callsigns along with a massive aircraft database referencing every single aircraft reg and config. Would take a lot of work.

@Maxim I am puzzeled of your feature request please could you explain in greater detail.

Challenge accepted I guess :D

@ISHY199 every plane has a Callsign/Identification. He basically wants to be able to search for a Callsign or registration in app, and then have the correct real world aircraft be selected for him. For example, if G-ABRA was a British Airways A320 with sharklets, he wants to type in G-ABRA and have a BA A320 with sharklets selected for him.


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I understand, thank you @IceBlue