Automatic Plane Downloads

I would like to know a way in which i can stop planes from downloading automatically as my phone does not have the space for all the in-game planes

Disabling automatic downloads of other aircraft isn’t possible at the moment. There is a setting to disable downloads over a cellular connection. The purpose of having aircraft render near you is so that you can see the other aircraft especially when you don’t have your minimap on in front of you to see traffic.


Here are some tips to help free up some space on your device though. Delete old pictures, you can also upload them to a cloud or to your computer. Once you have those photos and videos uploaded to another source you can go ahead and remove them from your device. Another thing that some folks forget is that they have old text messages and old voicemails taking up space on their device. You can get rid of these too to free up storage space. All in all Infinite Flight will take up 6-8 GB of storage.