Automatic PIREPS for a developing VA?

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I’m currently in a group developing a VA. We don’t want to buy a crew center until it gets approved and grows a little and we are trying to figure out how to automate our PIREPs. We have a discord and a slack just kind of messing around with the options on them. Is there a way to do this on either of them?

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Slack is a recommended workspace for VAs but its up to you. A good pirep system is AirTable and its all automated but I don’t know how to do it.

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I offer my pilots Airtable as the way for them to submit PIREPs. They seem to love it and find it very user friendly. If you PM me I can send you a mockup version of it and explain how it works.

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Hi, building a VA from scratch is hard and takes a on if time. What I will suggest to you is following @KaiM’s amazing instructions for building a crew center ALL for free!!! Here is step 1:

Creating a phpVMS Crew Center - Part One - Setting up Hosting

I would NOT recommend airtable for you VA’s crew center, it lacks professionalism. These instructions above are great for a basis and start up crew center and it doesn’t cost a cent.

Now with VA’s if you are starting one basses off of an actual airline irl then paying anywhere from 3-15 dollars is something you might have to do. is a website that has every list of an airlines flights, aircraft, and airport info for phpVMS which is used in the instructions above.

If you are making a fictional VA or something you are creating, then you probably won’t spend anything marking your VA.

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CrewCenters dont cost money and if you stick to @KaiM’s tutorial it will be a pretty easy setup for a simple crewcenter

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Thank you all! I think I have what I need.

Airtable is just for the PIREP. My actual Crew Center was made by hand, by me :)


with the instructions above, PIREPS are approved by Admins and is already in the crew center, thats why i said that.

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Ahh, I got it. I wouldn’t recommend Airtable being the only form of a Crew Center. There needs to be other things involved :)

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It’s completely free! Follow the linked thread above.

If you want to use Discord/Slack for your “crew center”, feel free to do so but it will lack professionalism as mentioned above.

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Currently working on a php now that I know they can be free. Thanks everyone for the help!

You don’t need to buy a crew center! You can follow Velocity23’s tutorial to make a crew center for yourself and it’s completely free.



You don’t have to buy a crew center (That would be VABase, InfiniteBase, etc). Buying a crew center comes with its own benefits though (You get what you pay for).

You can create a free crew center using @KaiM’s tutorials. Another option is to contact @anon41771314. I believe he still creates crew centers for VA/VOs. He has a form on his profile to request a crew center.

Here are all 4 of Velocity’s tutorials.

Creating a PHPVMS Crew Center Part 1: Setting Up Hosting
Creating a PHPVMS Crew Center Part 2: Uploading & Installing
Creating a PHPVMS Crew Center Part 3: Skinning
Creating a PHPVMS Crew Center Part 4: Installing AirMail

On the contrary, Airtable doesn’t lack professionalism. While a crew center would be great, many VAs use AirTable to file PIREPs & it’s quite efficient as pilots can file PIREPs in Slack itself. If you integrate it into the Slack perfectly, then automation should be very efficient.


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