Automatic Low Power Issue

So, right now I’ve noticed an issue i was having for a while. When i plug in my phone, and turn on “Automatic Low Power”, in a few minutes, i dont see the pop-up that should say “Low Power Mode Enabled”, even thought i haven’t touched it for a few minutes.


Do you have your device’s low power mode turned on, or Infinite Flight’s low power mode turned on (which is found in the app settings)?

I have Infinite Flight’s low power mode turned on. The Battery Saver on my device cannot be turned on while plugged in

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Ok that’s all good then. By the way the message is not a pop-up, it appears at the top of the screen in a similar way ATC messages do - it’s likely you missed it.

I’ve been staring the screen to see if it appears on the screen, but it didn’t anyway

AP needs to be fully enabled, including HDG even if NAV is engaged.

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Right now, I have the HDG disabled so the A321 doesn’t rock to the left and right during the flight.

But apart from that, you helped me see what was the problem. Thanks again! This topic may be closed! 👍🏼

Doesn’t? The AP is off

Doesn’t? The HDG is does it not rock to the left or right?

Sometimes when i do BOS-LAX with the LNAV and HDG on. It rocks side to side, even when I put the correct weight for the flight.

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