Automatic Log Out? Have to log in very often.

Has a setting been changed during the last update of Discourse?
Something to do with automatic log out?
I find myself having to log in again quite often. Both on the PC and iPad.
I can’t be the only one who encounters this?

Does anybody know anything about it?


Haven’t noticed this issue. Maybe browse to see of others have the same issue.


It’s really weird too. I just opened the community website on the PC and noticed the blue badge on my profile picture with a 1 in it. When I clicked on it there was nothing. Only a log out option. I did not click it.
When I refreshed the page I had to log in again. The blue badge was back, now with a 3 in it and everything was back again.
Then I went to my iPad an found myself being logged out there as well.

I just found out it’s happening on my phone (Android) as well.

Any clue as to what might be going on?
I’m experiencing this since the latest update.
This can’t just be me!


It’s happening in Firefox in Windows on my PC.
In Safari on the iPad.
And Opera on Android.

This can’t be a coincidence.

Hope you can help.

Not happening here.

-iPhone 5 user

Yes, I have noticed it too. No constant repro yet,

Microsoft Edge, W10.

Just experienced this.

Edge, Windows 10.

Never happened to me

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Ik keeps happening to me. On three devices.

No problems yet.

Chrome W10/Safari Ipad Mini 2

@discourse can you advise?

Sounds very strange. We haven’t received any other reports about this issue.

If only @Jan_Polet is experiencing this issue it is highly likely that the problem is user-specific. Do note that if you log out from any one of your devices, you will be logged out from all of them.

Could you please try clearing the cache in all your browsers and log in anew?


Make sure your cookies and cache are enabled. It should keep you logged in.

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This happens to me sometimes as well.
I am permanently logged in with my smartphone and my computer.
In case I use a different computer / device / whatever to log in, I need to re-log in at my computer and smartphone other devices. Perhaps this is for safety reasons (personality verification or that stuff. Anyone playing / played Minecraft? Same system there as well. As soon as you log in to your Mojang profile on the internet at a different computer than the one you created your accout on, you have to re-log in at the new computer).

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My iPad seems fine now. On my PC and my Android phone I have to re-login after I restart my browser. That didn’t used to be the case.

Are your cookies and cache constantly being cleared or disabled? If so, that might be the problem. Enable them or stop having them being cleared. If you tend to delete your search history very often, turn off “delete cookies and cache”.

Nothing changed on my devices or browsers. This site is the only one with issues on both my PC and Android phone. My iPad also had the issue, but not anymore. I didn’t change a thing though. I don’t understand.

OK, I’ve removed all cookies related to IF and Discourse from Firefox on my PC.
I don’t seem to be thrown out every time I close my browser anymore.

I’ve also deleted all cookies on my phone. It did not help. I’m thrown out every time Opera is closed.

I still think it’s really weird that this started to happen on three devices at exactly the same moment.
I do think this points to the source, being Discourse.
My iPad seems to have fixed itself. Removing the cookies from Firefox seems to have fixed my PC.
This shouldn’t be necessary though. That didn’t work on my phone. :(

The weird thing is that I don’t get a login screen. I seem to be logged in. When I tap my account image in the right top corner of the screen I only get a log out option. No other messages. The page isn’t working though. When I refresh I do get the login screen. All three devices were showing this behavior. What does it mean?

Could it have something to do with Facebook authentication?

@discourse I am having this issue since Saturday (ET), I waited until today to see if the issue continues and it has, I just logged in again (12:37PM ET)

Very odd – is anyone else reporting this problem? Have you tried using a
different web browser than the one you normally use, to rule out browser
config issues?

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