Automatic Ghosting

Can someone post the lateral and vertical limits you have to be from an airport to NOT receive an automated ghosting? Having this feature now that the XCub is flying is pretty annoying, especially in Class E or G airspace.

I’m not sure what you mean. Can you explain?

Aerobatics violations

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If that’s the case shouldn’t it be the rings around the airport?

I’m trying to figure out some specifics now. There may have been some changes recently. Don’t want to answer incorrectly.

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Airports in Class E and G airspace don’t have rings.

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Ok. If it’s similar to before it should be the rings.

What would you be doing in an XCub that would get you an aerobatics violation?

I was testing the maneuverability of the Xcub

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I’m not sure that anyone truly knows the exact combination of variables, but no one would confuse the Cub for an F-22.

Your best bet might be to just send your replay to @schyllberg for review. If you were in class E airspace he will take note of that.

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