Automatic gear retraction

For the purpose of cross wind take off, it’s very hard to keep your rubber slider over and at the same time retract gear with out letting go either the rudder slider or using your other hand that’s on the throttle to keep the nose from whipping over.

It is alittle unrealistic but for the sake of the mobile device.

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Well in real life the co-pilot would raise the gear lever, unlike in IF where there is only you to do it all. I personally have never found a reason to need this feature, but like I said, it would be like having a co-pilot which technically would make it more realistic in a way. If it were to be added, I would definitely want it to be optional.

Set your course on the AP before takeoff. Then you will have plenty time to lift gear.

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No rush to retract gear that fast. Wait until you’re up about 500ft, ease off the rudder and raise gear.


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I appreciate your legit response. And not be sarcastic like the majority of the members here.

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Nothing sarcastic about setting your course on th AP. Once up in the air the plane will steer for the set course.

Yeah good point!!

I wasn’t referring to you. I respect your comment as well. :)

Also consider decoupling your ailerons from the rudder whilst on the ground. If your accelerometer on your device is super sensitive you may be fighting on take off! Setting switch in General ‘Auto-Coordination’. Wow the spell check gets me every time.