Automatic Gate/Terminal Selection

Hi IFC, as I’m sure many you are aware of or could relate to flying realistically in this simulator can bring great joy and satisfaction. Don’t get me wrong there is absolutely nothing wrong with not doing so as many of you enjoy flying this way, though this is for those of the community like myself aiming to achieve a more realistic flying experience.

An idea that I have personally come up with, that I believe could or should be added in future updates, is ‘automatic gate selection’. At the moment when preparing for a flight selecting an airport to takeoff/depart from takes you to a random gate in a random terminal (that is usually a suitable size for your aircraft). However this is very unrealistic because it does not necessarily select the correct gate or terminal that your airline or desired route would use to board passengers and take on luggage/freight from.

For example if you were flying a route from KSFO to PHNL with United, automatic gate selection could automatically spawn your aircraft at San Francisco’s domestic terminal 3 (served by United), rather than a random location in that airport. How would the simulator know if you’re route is international or domestic? Well, an option asking to include your desired route from _ _ _ to _ _ _ could be implemented, or another option such as one simply asking if you’re route is international or domestic could be used.

*disclaimer I’m not 100% sure if this would be possible or desired by the community, though please let me know what you think of this suggested Infinite Flight feature. Thank you. :)

Or you could just manually select which gate you want to spawn at…

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You got the terminals down but what about the gates?

I’m not sure if we need this yet. It’s a mini feature but I’m it sure if we absolutely need it.

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Yes, but this can be a hassle for some and others don’t necessarily want to take the time to find the correct gate/terminal used for their flight.

This is for gates and terminals, I may have worded it wrong.

I know but it takes 3 extra seconds to find a gate

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But you know this could be a tiny feature they add because they don’t just add 1 thing every update.

Exactly, though not everyone knows which terminal or gate is used for international and domestic flights for their airline and desired route in certain airports. You don’t have to agree with my idea that’s why I wrote a disclaimer, I just thought it might be something the community would be interested in for future updates. :)

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Yes well it would be a tiny feature in another update.

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I get it. Good idea.

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Thank you.