Automatic Fuel Amount Setting

I often spend a lot of time calculating and estimating the amount of fuel needed to make a flight, and often end up with a shortage of fuel, or too much fuel. meaning the aircraft is flying in an inefficient condition.
Hopefully in the future there will be automatic settings to determine the fuel needed, based on the character of the aircraft’s performance, the number of people on board, and the weight of the cargo, as well as the weather conditions on the selected route (especially wind direction and speed).

Use this website:
It gives you your flightplan, fuel, and all the other details needed. I would recommend using the SimBrief option on the site, since its the most detailed. All you need for this, is a free SimBrief account

Hi there! If you are tired of doing wrong fuel calculations then you can visit this website. is a great tool for route planning. It features step climbs, gives you proper fuel, and is compatible with the waypoint setup that Infinite Flight uses!

I know third time lucky, but I won’t be the third person to link you (oh no I just did). Seems like a cool feature request, not sure how it will be calculated, especially on VFR flights, but oh well, if we have 3D building feature request then the sky is the limit I guess. Sad thing is that you’re still a basic user, but wonder around the community a bit more and you’ll become a member, which would mean that you will be able to post in #features

Well thanks for the inputs, still this is different from what I want, but quite interesting and fun to use the website.

What about those of us who want to use Simbrief or other tools and it just resets to what it thinkis is necessary?

Please vote in features for this. There are a number of fuel planning requests.