Automatic enlightenment of runways

Infinite Flight might be able to automatically add a complementary enlightenment layer on existing runways:

The extension pattern lights could be paste on using the position of the threshold (position of green/red lights).
I bet it’s doable and simply apply to all runways

So, basically this?

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Yes, but I’m trying to talk about an automatic way for IF team to apply it to all runways. One work to apply to all runways.
It’s just an idea.

Slightly different to HIRL. It’d take some time for the airport devs to see which airports have them, and which don’t. Not all airports can be ajusted to have these lights, in my opinion it would look good for aesthetic reasons and some realistic reasons but other than that I don’t think it’s a priority at the moment.

My idea is based on existing work already done by airport team. Because in some kind of ways the thresholds of runways are defined. So the lighting mask could be apply by a robot from the threshold.
I don’t ask for airport team to work more or double.

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So you’re looking for touchdown zone lights?

I like it 👍🏽👍🏽

Approach lighting is already considered when airports are edited. An automatic generation of these lights therefore isn’t necessary. As soon as IF implements improved airport lights you’ll have correct lights instead of a generic light pattern for all like you basically request.


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