Automatic engine start

Recently I noticed loads of people spawning in the expert server with their engines on. This is very annoying and I think when spawning on expert automatic engine start should be disabled automatically. What do you guys think?

I think that they just like doing it. You may not like it but others does. It can be annoying but some people just like doing it…you have to realize and understand that there will be people who doesn’t behave

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It makes no sense to why you would spawn with your engines on at gate especially in EXPERT server

Tho I don’t spawn with engine automatically on, I still would have engine on at the gate before pushback. I can see why they would do that tho: it’s so that by the time they finish pushing back and are ready to taxi, they’ll be able to taxi after ATC gives them taxi clearance

Im not talking about turning engines on at gate im talking about people who casually spawn with their engines on and stay at gate for 100 years

Might wanna continue this here

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