Automatic downloading

Is there a way to stop automatic downloading on wifi?

Turning off your wifi.


when using wifi

while playing infinite flight on wifi

Though I’m not sure about the automatic downloading. Never heard of it in IF.


What do you want to stop downloading when playing IF?

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I’ve never heard about this either. What exactly is automatically downloading? Planes, regions, …?


planes automatically download when you’re on wifi

Only if you hit ‘download’.

They can’t, you have to tap download first for them to download.

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It downloads automatically on wifi

no it doesn’t

Only after you first click download yourself.
Even then, just let them download and then you’ll have them forever.

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Downloading all planes and regions takes max. 10 minutes.

uhh ok. thanks

no it doesn’t. my home wifi 30kb/sec

Sorry, please explain what you’re saying.

Don’t judge my country’s Internet sucks

Well then it’ll take like an hour (too lazy to do the math)