Automatic downloading of aircraft

Hi there, I got an IF live subscription today, a yearly subscription, I had one before, last year, anyway, I downloaded about 3 aircraft and went flying, when I went back later for a new flight, at least 10 other aircraft had been downloaded without me wanting them to. Is this a common problem with IF live? Is it my account restoring downloads from last year’s subscription? Thanks


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Thanks, I realise that but I don’t want them all to download, otherwise it takes up at least 1GB on my phone which I don’t have

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They did that to me too. I don’t know how to disable it though…

Yeah I’m not sure, I’m glad it’s not just me :)

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I tried to contact David this afternoon so maybe one of the FDS team will respond.

How many GB’s did your phone come with. I have 32GB and I can have all my planes and other apps, and I don’t worry about storage.

I have 100mb left 😂


Lel. How many GB’s did the phone come with though? Are you using apple or Samsung?

Or the dreaded Microsoft?

I’m using a Moto G3, it’s awesome but I just don’t have much storage, 8gb mostly used up, I can’t download planes to SD card

Why don’t you store all your other stuff on the SD card?

Na its an android

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It’s a lot harder than it seems

Sorry, I use apple.

That’s fine 😊

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If you need any help with anything else, let me know!

Does anyone here have all the aircraft downloaded without pressing download?

Thanks, do you have IF live? Are all planes downloaded?

It depends what you mean by download. As in the aircraft are ready to use, or just the pictures.

I didn’t have it all downloaded without doing anything, but a good bunch.

Oh ok, that’s where it happens I think, btw I would recommend it if you ever get the chance