Automatic Download weather info

I just got bored when I plan my flight plan and I have to click and wait few seconds to get correct weather info.

For ppl like me, fill your flightplan quickly and at the airport destination you see all green you pick the nearest approach and suddenly your runway becomes red and you have to lose seconds to erase the last ways points of your fpl to put news waypoints.

And everyone doesn’t know how to erase a waypoint.

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Even I don’t know how to erase a waypoint.
To be honest, I think you should do preflight checks before you rush to conclusions and start with the flight plan.

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And what if it changes during flight? Or ATC have other plans, and the airport you need to land on is not being used/is inactive?

Nope, i don’t think this is a good idea. Makes no sense tbh.


You just have to click on the waypoint that you want to erase from your FPL, then click the square with a dash in it.

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