Automatic Download Issues


I’m having some issues with the new version of Infinite Flight. Somehow the airplanes download automatically while I’m flying.
If I fly near a plane, when I leave the server to check my downloads, that particular plane is already downloaded without my permission!
So I have to clear the app memory every week to save my device storage.
I’ve already tried to know what’s happening, but my current settings for automatic downloads are the next:


Device details:
Android Version:7.0
2.0 RAM
Asus ZenPad8.0

Other users have had similar issues. Have you tried lowering your settings to see if that helps as it may not need to download aircraft that you see to maintain the high quality settings?Just a guess.

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My settings configuration are “Low” on every parameters to save battery in-flight. That’s certainly not part of the issue! :)

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