Automatic destination airport added into flightplan when FPL ended with STAR

I see a lot of planes that doesn’t complete FPL by missing adding the airport waypoint after the STAR, it makes pilots & ATC unknow of where they’re going and the only way to know is to find the waypoint via the search function.

I think an automatic airport waypoint should be created after inserting the STAR, in order to complete the FPL, because pilots seems to often forget to add it.

Don’t this already exist? When I do the SID the Depature goes into the FPL and when STAR and Approach i think

It does for some airports not all.

No, it only adds the departure, but not the arrival.

But what if I wanted to add an instrument APP? I’d have to edit it in, apposed to just adding. It does bug me when people don’t add it, but it would also bug me when it tries to finish my FPL, when I haven’t finished yet. Maybe it could say “would you like to add EGKK as your destination? [yes] [no]”

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