Automatic Climb Thrust

So, I’ve seen some requests for V-speeds and takeoff thrust calculators and whatnot, but I was just thinking about the stage after that - climb. In real life, pilots will receive all their takeoff data, but from what I’ve seen, climb thrust isn’t included in the briefing or the calculations. I don’t think it would be that hard to implement an automatic climb thrust (maybe a CL on the autopilot speed selection or something), and here’s why. The autopilot is already able to adjust itself based on your climb rate. Assuming people take off realistically (and maybe even if they don’t) setting climb thrust could be a piece of cake. When set, the autothrottle either derates or accelerates based on your climb angle and needs in order to keep your aircraft accelerating at a moderate rate until either a set speed or disengaging climb mode causes it to turn off. Now, I’m not sure exactly how climb thrust works in real life, and if any of you know I would love to hear, but I think this would be a great addition to make realistic pilots like me happy.

It will also soothe our lazy side haha

You got my vote.

And just to add to this: here’s why I love it.

I’m climbing, and I now want to speed up to match my planned profile, but now the autopilot just maxes out to 100%? Unrealistic, and I don’t know if it’s just me, but it’s annoying.

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There’s a feature that, at least in the 737, you can set your V thrust to automatic, and it’ll do it based on your FMC. We of course do not have an FMC, which I think is a good thing, because it’d remove the core values of being able to take your phone out of your pocket and play a flight simulator because you’re bored at a Starbucks.

Credit to @Jake_Stopher for the information. He has some pictures he can post if you want them.

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Yeah haha I saw those pictures as soon as I posted this but didn’t want the other thread to get off topic. I don’t think we need a whole FMC, at least not right now, although takeoff calculations would be a nice bonus as those are a pain to get and aren’t always accurate. I generally leave my thrust off autopilot and change it manually until 250kts or the SID’s first speed limit. As of now, it takes me 25-30 minutes to prepare for a flight, and about 15 of those minutes are dedicated to finding takeoff speeds, as well as takeoff and climb thrust.

And I would vote for my own request but I’m out lol

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I can give you a tip on takeoff speeds. Although not the proper way to do it (and don’t EVER do it this way in a real aircraft), use your rudder control to turn the nose wheel while you’re on takeoff roll. Once the aircraft doesn’t turn anymore, that’s a good speed to rotate at (enough force on your horizontal stabilizer to lift the nose, which is why you can no longer turn)


Thanks for the tip, but I don’t actually think that works. There have been cases where I have been in a Q400 or some other plane that can rotate slowly and I get off the ground with my rudder still working. If FDS modeled the rudder after real life, then it is modeled with a rudder “disconnect” at 130 knots (I’m not sure if that’s for every plane but I know it is on a few lol). The rudder is admittedly a little more effective when you force the nose down, but it has little or nothing to do with the nose lifting off the ground, and I’d rather not try my luck rotating at 130kts every time lol


Great feature request, if feel this would really bring that realistic view to the sim with climb thrust, Ive seen many people use 100% thrust until their cruise unrealistically.

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