Automatic camera view change glitch?

Hello all,

Right now I am doing sector VHHH-LFBO, and I have realised that for the past few flights, the camera view has been constantly switching itself from HUD to Captain to Normal and so on, has anyone experienced the same thing? Occasionally it pauses itself and will not recover if I am away. Details below:

Device: iPad Pro 2015
Storage: Less than 25% occupied
Past issues: None
Wifi: stable (shouldn’t be a problem in this case?)

Thanks for the help in advance.

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Hi there, is there a chance that you could go into your in-app settings in Infinite Flight and enable show touches then try to screen record this? Also, I’m not sure if you have a screen protector on the iPad but did you clean the screen recently? I know that sometimes my iPad will act like I’m touching the screen when I’m not, it’s usually when the screen gets dirty after touching it for a few days so I use cleaning wipes to keep the surface nice and clean.


Had a look at that, and I indeed found multiple points on the screen, close to the home button. Flipped the device and it has been opening maps and comms. Thanks for the suggestion!

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