Automatic Callsign Changer

I wanna fly today. So I just pick a plane and my livery, and go. But hold on… You request pushback in an ANA A321…

“Iberia 520, pushback approved”.

What? That’s weird. Your Callsign doesn’t match with your livery, and now it’s just a little awkward because you forgot to change your Callsign.

How do you solve this?

The solution is an ACC, or an Automatic Callsign Changer, which asks you if you want to change your Callsign when you pick a livery to fly with. Now if you have your own unique Callsign like “Superman” or something, you won’t need this.

This would be great, because now when you request landing in an ANA A321, ATC won’t think you’re an Iberia. ;)

My first thoughtful idea coming back to Infinite Flight!


Or you could just go to the callsigns section in your profile and change it manually


Good idea. Could be made optional in settings or on the callsign setting screen.


This would be implemented for people who Usually forget to change their Callsign. :)

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We definitly need this! I always forget to change my callsign :/

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Yeah it’s a really nice idea.

Same here. It actually just happened to me, so I decided to end the flight and change my Callsign. Definitely should be implemented!

meh nice idea wouldn’t write home about it though

You don’t have to end your flight to change your callsign


And could be enabled or disabled

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Good idea!my dash 8 requested for pushback with a "callsign"super

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Did someone say superman?😏

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Yeah…:-) Superman! ready for pushback!!!Really?