Automatic Call Sign Changes

Since the poll in the topic below clearly shows that ATC prefers you change your call sign when you choose a different livery, it might be helpful when the call sign automatically changes to the airline of which you’ve chosen a livery.

It might also help when ‘Heavy’ of ‘Super’ would be automatically added to the call sign when an aircraft has been chosen to which those suffixes apply.

I would be great when you could see the call sign in the menu. After flying with someone else I forgot to remove the ‘Flight of 2’ suffix. I only notices it when I requested push back for the next flight and went and changed it right away. Seeing you call sign before you spawn somewhere would be great!

The thing is that the call sign is not easily accessible from the page where you chose the aircraft and livery, region and airport, and weather or server. Adding the call sign options to that page would make things more easy and clear.

Making above changes to the call sign might help everyone using it as realistic as possible, as ATC and a lot of pilots prefer.

My suggestion applies to when the call sign has been set to ‘Airlines’.
The ‘General Aviation’ or custom option would still remain.


Adds to realism, so yea, I like it.


I’m all for this!


Depending on what callsign you use, example: Qantas (QF, QFA, Qantas etc-)

This is what would have to be figured

My suggestion applies to when the call sign has been set to ‘Airlines’.
The ‘General Aviation’ or custom option would still remain.
I’ve added it to the original post, so it’s more clear.
Thanks for pointing it out! ;)


@Laurens, would this fix your realism gland? It sure would fix mine ;)

I don’t like that, I love it love it love it.

Yes please.

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Thank goodness for the search facility on this forum, was about to do the cardinal sin of making a duplicate subject!!

This is leading on from recent discussion (again)

I think the Call Sign should be automatically changed depending on what aircraft / livery you fly. You just get the opportunity to update the flight number.

For example if I choose a B777 in British Airways livery it will automatically select ‘Speedbird XXXX Heavy’, then I can change the XXXX to a number that I want, or could remain the same as my previous flight, if for example I had been EASY 1234 then my next flight would be ‘Speedbird 1234 Heavy’ without me having to make any changes.

If I selected say a A319 in BA Livery which then would automatically select ‘Shuttle 1234’. I understand that with Generic Livery this could cause issues, however once originally selected you could go and update the Call sign to an airline of your choice.

This would have to be slightly different for ‘GA’ aircraft, however would reduce people using stupid / daft / inappropriate call signs as well as stop people arguing about them as well as overall making the whole experience more realistic!

in short the Call sign is automatically assigned according to the aircraft I select. Much like in real life, the pilots don’t choose their own call signs!


for delta and southwest and more

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This would be very iseful

also "heavy applies to ALL widebodies as well as the 757 due to extreme wingtip vortecies produced. Please consider that if this happens

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While 757s may be treated as a heavy it’s not part of their callsign if I recall correctly

Going back to the topic, while I do like the idea, I’d only want this to be an option.
Lots of people, including me (even the mods) have their own personal callsign, and it’d be very annoying to have to change your callsign back your personal one everytime.