Automatic ATIS for TS

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So, my feature request is different because this ATIS in training server, is automatic. there will be no controller, but the ATIS will be active for each airport, only showing the weather and the basic active runways based off of the wind. This can make training server more realistic, while keeping the trolls out of the ATC.

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I see your approach but sometimes ATC has specific needs to use different runways then preferred with weather with the current status of their airport. It’d be a cool thing to have an intro or less advanced ATIS that only says weather though. The topic you linked though is very similar but your adding an idea on top of that. My suggestion is to comment your thoughts on that thread.


yea, i see your point, but also this can be like an intro for TS pilots for ATIS, there is no controller, and like the ATIS says the weather, but will already know like the active runways, basically the runways that fit the weather or that have the green numbers

That’s not always the case when selecting a runway. If the controller wants a specific layout or a runway may only be used as a landing runway and is far from the terminal we’d use the most convenient one sometimes when traffic is high and we can reduce taxi times to flow traffic out. Maybe they have a suggested runway for dep and arriving instead so it’s a suggested system that bases it off the wind. Not sure what they would do with airports like EGKK with the inactive runway which is enforced on ES.

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This is a smart twist on the other topic, though I do not think it would work well.

The active runways aren’t always those that are green though. Often times it makes more sense to use a red-coloured runway if it was already in use before the weather change and traffic doesn’t allow for a change.

Not only that but runway changes are hard to perform on the Training Server as not everyone understands the process and many show little regard for ATC instructions (either to troll or out of genuine confusion). This would only work in an idealistic and perfect Training Server! At which point it is no longer a server for training.

I’d also add that ATIS being added to the Training Server would serve an extremely limited force for the improvement of the controllers. It is an extremely simple system and a piece of passive controlling which is well-explained through the current tutorials. There would be a limited purpose for pilots too who may not fully understand the aspects of ATIS and its NOTAMs/remarks—procedures which, of course, can not be enforced on the Training Server.


This request in my view deserves serious consideration. And while most of us know that the ‘green’ runways aren’t always the preferred one(s), having an ATIS that informs pilots what runways to use could contribute to better game play. ATIS could help in situations with low wind conditions where all runways are ‘green’. If ATIS makes the decision which runways to use, that could avoid conflicts, especially (added feature!) if this clever ATIS system would remove the runways not in use from the Unicom system. 😎

Two reasons against it though:
How many inbound pilots would Read the ATIS. We see in Expert that over half of the inbound pilots have not first checked ATIS before tuning into the airport frequency.

I image it would be a pig to code and implement, even if you would just do it for the major airports.


Firstly no one listens to anything on the training server so ATIS would be useless and secondly ATIS is too complex for training server pilots.

Good idea. It is training server so the atis could be a little less demanding / realistic.
It could go like this:
#Aerodrome Atis information #, winds etc, vis, recommended taking off runway #, recommended landing runway #. Remarks Straight out departures till at or above # feet runway #…

This would be cool, so this does not happen

London heathrow tower, infinite flight 2020 ready for take off to rwn 27L

London heathrow tower , JRBDH473 is in final RUNWAY 09R

I see your idea, but my personal opinion is that it may defeat an opportunity for “training” within the training server. Although the training server is riddled with trolls, the idea behind it is to provide an environment for pilots and ATC alike to hone their skills. A vital skill as a pilot is being able to read a METAR, and choose an appropriate runway. Plus, if the system is automated, what if the automatic active runway selection isn’t what the controller wants to use? A great example of a situation like this is Whitehorse (CYXY). In calm winds, the active runway would most often be 14R, even if it means a 2-3kt tailwind, because most flights from that airport are likely to be heading south, and the use of 14R instead of the opposing 32L gives pilots the full runway length for departure if needed. An automated runway selection system wouldn’t be able to account for special circumstances like that.

somebody correct me if im wrong, but I believe D-ATIS is going to be available for TS with 20.1

D-ATIS is a digital ATIS that you read, and it will tell you weather, visibility, wind, stuff like that, but no remarks or notams, etc.

That would not be possible because of my brilliant ‘added feature’

…which means pilots don’t see the inactive runway numbers in their Unicom instructions anymore.