Automatic ATC for solo

I didn’t use ATC or go through ATC many times on Training server maybe 2 or 3 times as airports i like to go to RDU/CLT/MEM don’t get ATC often and the times i went to LAX and JFK they were not helpful and mainly just trolls so i didn’t learn much. Solo automated ATC like I said would be a great way to learn basics and to my second point not every pilot is on the forums so #tutorials would be of no use to them.

Not true actually. Yes it’s chaotic in airports like EGLL and KJFK but sometimes you might find that LFPG or EHAM has active ground and tower that you can use to practice while everyone is clamouring for EGLL

Also try looking for ATC tracking threads for ATC’s on the TS and pm some of them to help you out (@Kamryn shoutout you my g)

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@Asher I completely agree with you!

Anyways, its just a feature, and everyone has his own opinion 😉

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And as I said, it shouldn’t be sophisticated as the multiplayer ATC just the basic things