Automatic ATC for solo

Okay but it won’t be the same experience, atc with multiplayer is way better than atc while being lonely

But they still get a feel for how it works. Not getting any feel for how it works makes them interested in trying it and purchasing a sub to try it. They need to have benefits for those who purchase subscriptions to make more profit and ATC in general is one of them as it is a significant aspect of ones flight.


The people who get the pro are the ones who can afford it, for example i would like so much to have the pro and multiplayer but my parents won’t let me buy the pro

That’s why ATC is a benefit for people to get pro. If they really want that feature they have to work up and save the money to purchase it to get that and all the other benefits that pro has. Wanting ATC is another reason that people buy subs. I see where you coming from though. Although it’s not a bad idea, it takes a benefit away of what they offer in a subscription.

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You need a real incentive for people to spend money and to invest there time into Infinite Flight. Putting an advantage of pro in the normal version would create less incentive for people to put their money into a pro subscription I think it’s better the way it is at the moment.


adding a solo Automatic ATC could actually be a great way to train and understand the basics of ATC instead of being on expert server after never having ATC before and then getting ghosted for not knowing what to do. Because not everyone is on the forum they may not ever use it until they are ghosted and told to contact the person or check the forum for tutorials. I didn’t know there was a forum until I checked out the youtube page so this will definitely be a good idea.
You have my vote.


I am an example of a person who does not have the pro version, how should i work to get money if i am still in school ?!

There’s #tutorials for a reason.


Yeah bro, but i don’t think IF’s goal is only to make money, for example if they add this feature maybe more people who can only pay about 5$ will buy the app cause they can’t pay 8$ every month so they will enjoy it with solo mode, ane trust me the people who have the pro version will always have the pro cause they have multiplayer and badge and level etc…

What’s the TS for? And #tutorials?


There is also #practice to master anything in life 😉

You can practise in Training Server anyway.

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Yeah but its just chaos, i ve seen videos in training servers you won’t be able to concentrate to practice, you should have a clear space

If you want at least some decent ATC, ask here:

I didn’t use ATC or go through ATC many times on Training server maybe 2 or 3 times as airports i like to go to RDU/CLT/MEM don’t get ATC often and the times i went to LAX and JFK they were not helpful and mainly just trolls so i didn’t learn much. Solo automated ATC like I said would be a great way to learn basics and to my second point not every pilot is on the forums so #tutorials would be of no use to them.

Not true actually. Yes it’s chaotic in airports like EGLL and KJFK but sometimes you might find that LFPG or EHAM has active ground and tower that you can use to practice while everyone is clamouring for EGLL

Also try looking for ATC tracking threads for ATC’s on the TS and pm some of them to help you out (@ItsBlitz shoutout you my g)

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@infiniteflight_17 I completely agree with you!

Anyways, its just a feature, and everyone has his own opinion 😉

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And as I said, it shouldn’t be sophisticated as the multiplayer ATC just the basic things