Automatic app closure on Redmi Note 10 pro

Smartphone : Redmi note 10 pro

Issue: When i was landing in Barcelona, after 2h50 min flight, my app was automatically closed. I’m wondering why it happens? Can someone help or tell me something please?

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Set your graphics to med and frequently clear scenery cache. Then the chances are low for the app to crash .

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Hey, a few things @Captain_Lufty

  • Are you running the latest update version of your device manufacturer? and also the Infinite flight game itself?

  • Sometimes it’s a one time crash and restarting your device before every flight might help avoid crashing your game in the future.

  • As previously mentioned, it’s a good habit to frequently clear Scenery Cache on your device by going on the Infinite Flight settings (General).

  • Try reducing your graphics settings. Using high graphics settings may cause performance issues and lead to crashing the game.

Hope that helps!


Ok thank you for the help sir !

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Did it before…

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