Automatic Airplane Downloads

I constantly have to uninstall IF to free up space on my phone. I have to do that because I have live+, so every time I download IF all of my airplanes download automatically and takes up all of the space on my phone. This causes the app to crash frequently, I try opening other apps after I finish my flight and those apps just crash as soon as I open them. I have zero photos and they all get backed up onto Google Photos. I only fly the A320 family which means I do not need the rest of the airplanes. The box that says “Download airplanes over cellular network” is always unchecked and no, i will not fly without wifi because Sprint’s service is crap where I live, which means it’s impossible to fly online without wifi.

Is there a way so that all of my airplanes don’t download automatically every time I install IF??

My device is a 16 gb iPhone 6s plus.

Once you download the maps and all of the aircraft you shouldn’t have to redownload them. Are you certain that all downloads are complete?

Also some other tips. Once you open Infinite Flight don’t close and reopen the app. Try to keep your background apps to a minimum or closed altogether. You may have to turn down your graphics settings as well if your internet connection and device can’t handle the frame rates. I have all of the maps and aircraft and this is how much space is taken up:


What I do not want is for all of the airplanes to download automatically

You just click on the aircraft that you want and download that particular aircraft.

You must be on wifi if you have the box unchecked next to cellular data, so that means it won’t download automatically if you aren’t connected to a network.

Do you have this checked?

Make sure you have a good wifi connection when you do download. If this doesn’t work then delete the app altogether and re-install.


This is how much space IF takes up on my phone, most airplanes are downloaded and only one region is downloaded. The problem is that all of the airplanes automatically start downloading as soon as I open IF and start flying, and that is what I don’t want.

Once again, I leave the “airplane downloads” box unchecked to try to prevent the airplanes from downloading automatically, yet they still download.

I don’t believe that you have enough free storage even though your device is 16gb. Make sure you have at least 2-3gb free for Infinite Flight. Your screenshot clearly shows 0gb of available storage. Free up some space and you should be good to go. Apple devices will close apps when there isn’t enough memory available or if performance is detrimented. ;)

Like Chris said, you do not have any more space in your phone. I recommend you free up some space otherwise when the update comes, you won’t be able to play the game at all.

I free as much space as I can. It would be great if there was an option that prevents all of the airplanes from downloading automatically.


So, what you’re saying is that once you install IF all of the IAP aircrafts that you get access to for having Live+ gets downloaded automatically?

From my knowledge, that shouldn’t happen to begin with. But then you’re saying at one place that “Most airplanes are downloaded” which i interpret as not all of them?

Once you’ve re-install IF and then opens it, do you see the aircrafts being downloaded or do the download/purchase button in the right botton corner stay orange?

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Yes, all of the aircrafts start downloading automatically. I say “most airplanes” because there is a point where I run out of space on my phone so not every aircraft gets downloaded.

Once I re-install IF, every aircraft has the download/purchase button. I always download one aircraft from the A320 family. I then start my flight and while I’m flying the rest of the airplanes download automatically. I know this because I do not download every aircraft and I see that almost every aircraft is downloaded after I finish my flight, or in some cases, when it crashes.

Some questions to help you:

  1. Did you jailbreak your phone?
  2. Did you try first downloading what you really want, then shutting down the 3G/4G LTE/WiFi? That should probably fix it for the time being.

My phone is not jailbroken.

I have not tried #2, I will try that tomorrow. I am afraid that if I do turn off the wifi, all of the aircraft will download automatically once I turn the wifi back on during my flight.

I do understand that the airplanes do not download automatically when connected to a cellular network. The problem is that my carrier is Sprint and where I live I always have one bar of 3G.

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I see.
I wouldn’t say that is normal… but i’ll have to double check.

Anyway, even if you didn’t have IF on your phone… you would still be running low with storage.
iOS expands if it can, and you’ll run into issues with other apps eventually.

It’s always recommended to have at least 1GB of free storage no matter what. Having much less as you do can cause a various amount of issues.

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Say, did you try #2 ? Did it work?

#2 only worked when flying online without WIFI for the whole flight. If I turned the WiFi off, download the aircraft, start the flight, and turn the WiFi on mid-flight, all of the airplanes would download again.

#2 works only if I fly without connecting to a joystick through LiveFlight, which requires WiFi.

Other than that, if I am connected with LTE, I can download only one airplane and fly without having the rest of the aircraft download automatically. The problem is that when connected with WiFi, all of the aircraft start downloading automatically while I fly.

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