Automatic Aircraft Download

Hey! I have following issue: Infinite flight keeps downloading all planes, until my storage is full. I basically have to delete and reinstall the app every other flight 😬.
Is there a way to just download the planes I want/need?
Help is appreciated


Do you fly online? If so the reason it is downloading the aircraft is so you can see the other players, and I don’t think there is anything you can do to stop it.

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Ah I see! Thank you! So selecting airplane count to low might help?

One workaround is to use mobile data when around people and disable “Automatic Airplane downloads over cellular data”

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What @dush19 said works but only if you are on cellular. If you are on WIFI there is no way to stop the downloading of planes.

There are a few #features that are asking for the option to download individual or change how it works.

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