Automated Terminal Information System (ATIS)

Continuing the discussion from "Where's ATIS" Max Sends. (Revised 1/1/16):

MaxSez: I wrote this Request/Topic initially in 2015. Believe the Topic is a must have ATC enhancement. What say you?


You made one in March as well, and you got a lot of good answers…


@Mats_Edvin_Aaro… MaxSez: Well the last revision was a gestation period in length since last posted. Let’s hope this reminder induces labor & rebirth for a problem solving system. (20 months and counting)

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It really would solve a lot of issues on ATC and pilot side alike… Surprised it’s not back yet, even in a simple form that tells active runways.

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The immersive feeling that I got while listening to the ATIS in IF the few times that I actually got the chance to was one of the most satisfying things about this sim. Its a shame that it couldn’t be reimplemented.


Definitely needed. The problem I can see is when controllers come online they immediately get harassed by requests; how would they be able to do this at busy airports

@IceBlue… Interesting observation Blue. However I have watched FDS perform programing magic in the last few years. Where there is a will there is a way! Let’s cut to the chase! “Where’s ATIS” @Laura@Tyler_Shelton

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Ice… on the immediate operation of the Controller Console ; Consider a
“Standby/Activate Switch” or similar program initiative.

Possibly an ATIS menu before the controller comes online?

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Or even just have a site where controllers can log-on and edit the ATIS before they come online.

Not going to slam you for tagging staff because other members will do that.


I wonder where the ATIS is as well. Maybe they’ll update it, and bring it back for global.

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This was definitely a problem back in the old days when we had ATIS. My most frustrating memory comes from KJFK at the beginning of a session about a year and a quarter ago. Zero planes in the region, so I came on and opened ATIS to type it as quickly as it could before the first aircraft came.

Surprise, surprise, I couldn’t get it done, as it all had to be typed manually and wouldn’t save when exiting. Eventually resorted to sending an email to myself to copy/paste onto the ATIS once open, which would then be useless by the time the next hour came to change it. Ten lines of effort, all wasted.

If ATIS were to ever come back, I’d love to see it be more in the format of what is seen in many major Bravos these days. Controllers just input runway usage and other relevant info with the click of a button and the rest is taken care of. Would make it a matter of seconds to get the vital areas in.

However, what I think may be cool is to detail specific procedures for an airport to help us out with traffic flow. For example, “all aircraft maintain 170 until PEALY [fix] while on XX,” streamlining approach without the need for scrolling through all those speed commands.


That is exactly the vision I would have. Auto weather formatting, then just additional remarks from controllers. Takes half a minute at most :)


I’d love to see ATIS coming back…

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@[quote=“SkyHighGuys, post:11, topic:74489, full:true”]
I’m sure you have heard a million times but I’ll repeat it anyways ;) “don’t tag the devs please” this isn’t a priority for them.

@Infinite.flight… 1 Browney Point for you! This is the 3d dire warning to date.
What is it with you cultist. I like the Dev’s, I like to check in with them from time to time just to let them know I have a long memory and like the elephant I never forget. My tag may not be a priority for them but it is for me laddie. so there!😜

I’ll retract my statement. You seem pretty suave 😉

@Infinite.flight… Maxsez: “Suave”!!!. This is not a beauty contest, “Seasoned” or Sagely" is more apprepoe me thinks. LOL

@Maxmustang suave I stick with ;) you are polite and friendly.

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