Automated Clearance Delivery On Expert Server

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It’ll still be same. You can still fly to HuB. Just containing traffic flow.
It is already hapening now. But just in unplanned way. Pilots are being put on hold longer than 20-25 min. Pilots reporting fuel emergencies lot frequently… because its all unplanned… unusual 30nm one side downwind. Total extra distance before approach is over 50nm.
With sid and star coming up. It’ll all be much more planned.
More people getting to fly realistic approach.
They are dtill flying a long holding pattern even today but in unplanned manner
As i requsted. If ypu still wanna get in air instantly request extra flight time. You gonna hold there anyways. But most people will choose to divert.
So there is something for everyone.

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Think about it:

I see on LiveFlight every evening several hundred people flying to the next day’s hub airport and normally the first set (generally Europeans) takeoff in a 2-3 hour time frame (usually 2000-2300Z).

With this restriction:

15 pilots every 15 minutes - 2-3 hours only gives you 8-12 of these “slots” - 15x8/12 = 120-160 pilots in 2-3 hours and I can guarantee you there are always more than that.

People like to fly in IF around what they are doing IRL. With this feature they are essentially being restricted at what times they can fly - which will annoy a lot of people.

Ultimately the number of people on the servers will decrease, the number of subs bought will decrease which will mean less money goes to the devs which means they will have less money to make the features we want.

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15 pilots every 15 min. Is just an eg. It’ll be different for different airport. Based on aircport capacity, no of runways etc.
And if you look live flight more precisely. There is still lot slots available. More only 30 odd inbound in an hour. Problems are unreported flights without proper flight plan.

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There are often a lot more outbounds though, especially at peak evening times.

You don’t have to have a flight plan. Only if it specifies you have to in the ATIS.

@niks.goen don’t get me wrong this is a good feature idea - but I think the way it would work should be rethought to a way that won’t cause an inconvenience to people.

FpL will not be required in thsi as well. You can request VFR. But the system will then register that this flight is inbound to that airport

Let me repeat and to be blunt - I can see this feature being potentially a big inconvenience to some pilots. I think if this feature were to be added - the devs or you would have to rethink about how it would work so that it would not be at risk of being an inconvenience.

None of the features being added to IF cause massive inconvenience - it just requires rewiring of how our brains know how to play this sim (e.g the UI change, SIDs/STARs, Center Control, etc…

The devs aren’t going to add a feature that makes IF more realistic if it will potentially make pressing “Fly”, setting up a flight plan and just going much harder because it’s being boged down by having a Clearance Delivery restriction on the number of pilots being allowed at the airport at a certain time.

If you want to discuss further, please PM me.

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Thanks for the review.

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Algorithm for air traffic flow management ! It would increase the enjoy for both pilots and controllers at some point but i also agree with BennyBoy’s post up there.Brilliant request howsoever.


Lovely! Like flow control! This is great idea but I don’t have votes :(

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@Infinite_Pro No issues. Your support is valuable enough. :). Would be happy if you could have freed one. But really apreceate the fact you liked it

I just remembered a huge problem with this: long hauls will absolutely eat up the slots.

I thought about that. But after giving deep thought and following live flight table for 3 days, i came to conclusion that it’ll not.
You see every plane will have seperate arrival time. Some will arrive at 0600Z, some at 07000Z etc. They are very spread up. Its very unusual for 30 aircraft to depart from different location of the world and arrive within a span of 30 min…
But I’ll further ammend my post, that Some slots say 40% will be reserved for flights less than 4 hours. Or as may be deemed fit.

This should be so cool if this came. I was actually about to make a new topic for this, im with you

Yes I actually really like this. Imagine KJFK-KSEA a clearance delivery.

New York Clearance good day AirNico 9962 request IFR clearance to Seattle

AirNico 9962 clear IFR to Seattle Via the DEEZZ5 SID, altitude at your discretion, Departure Frequency 134.35, contact Ground on 121.9

Clear IFR ark Seattle Via the DEEZZ5 SID, altitude at our discretion, Departure on 134.35, Contact ground on 121.9 Good Day AirNico 9962z

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I think this should be a ATC thing where IFATC can control it

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