Automated Clearance Delivery On Expert Server

Before Starting Off. I know there is an Existing request for clearance delivery
This is completely Different, Please Read Before Spamming with the link to that request

The Reason For This Request

Recently We’ve seen a Huge Increase In The load On the Hub Airport on Expert Server, and Other Airports remain quite empty with very few to no inbound
After Giving Several Thought I thought this thing can solve the purpose

How It Should Function

  1. There will be an Automated Clearance Delivery at Every controlled airport.
  2. Mods Or Staff Or Both As the Developer deem fit, will set a Limit for Each Controlled Airport around the world at 1 particular time. Eg. like 15 aircraft every 15 minute or so on.
    Also They will set alternate Controlled airport nearby Will get back to this
  3. It can be changed from time to time
  4. Every VFR and IFR Flights to Class Brave-Delta Airports will require clearance from clearance delivery delivery. If not Taken and still departed, It should be punishable with 1 level 1 violation and A Denial Entry into the airport by the controller.
  5. Pilots will request after filing a flight plan with an Estimated Flight Time. Eg N2992G requesting IFR from VABB to VIDP Expected Flight Time 2hours 15min Cruise FL330
  6. The System Will then check for that airport with estimated arrival time, how many are Inbound at that particular time, If Its feasible The system Will Reply
    a) N2992G Continue as filed Fl330
    b) Destination Airport Is Full, Expected Slot Time after 15min. Or may divert to VILK This is where mods set alternate airport will come in to spread traffic evenly
  7. The Pilots Can Then Reply If denied, will 15 min before push or Will Change FPL And request again for another airport
  8. note It will be pilots responsibility to request correct flight time, It will be shown in Pilots TAG. If They try to work around It by requesting Inappropriate Flight Time. The controller at That airport may put them on hold, Until there requested flight time arrives
  9. In Point 2 I requested every 15min for this reason, that pilots calculation Error of 15 min up or down should be good.

Wrapping Up Here, Hope This Feature gets accepted and liked by everyone of you

This would be cool!!
One question tho, what if the pilot is a noob, and decides to not follow ATC?

Maybe an automatic ghost by the AI

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You have my vote!

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I requested a simple level 1 violation for that.

I actually forsee some issues with the current way events and GFs are being done:

  1. Group flights going into ATC airport may be forced to space a part by a lot
  2. The taxi time during an event can be extremely variable, more than ±15min

Also ±15min is not enough considering long hauls, ceneter frequency, and the fact that simbrief and skyvector do not care about speed in SID and STAR. And apart from that, C/D would seriously mess up planning IF around life (center is already bad enough…)


It can be changed. It was just my opinion. The experts can add upto an hour.
Centre, sid and star is the best thing coming with 20.1. And trust me its not gonna change anything the way you fly. But that should be seperate topic
Nor this clearance delicery system will hamper Group flights ir VA. If you understand the concept deeply.

Well, it’s another way to get him/her off EXPERT server.

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There Is no way in IF of getting any pilot of Expert Server. If you simply follow rules just because some cant, its no reason we should not thrive for realism. There are seperate servers for the same reason.

Believe it or not, I had THE SAME idea as you did! This is really an amazing idea. You got my vote :)

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I don’t like this part- it puts lots of restrictions on people and it will essentially be down to luck about whether you get in at the time you want.

Keep in mind it is a mobile flightsim, I wanna be able to open the app and fly, without hours of preparation. I also do not want to wait on the ground for 15 minutes, I mean most people would rather be in a hold on approach for 15 minutes then being parked for 15 minutes.


I already thought about that. And had that work around.
Instead of system auto calculation of flight time. I asked pilot to request flight time.
Request extra 15min flight time. Get some extra fuel get in air. And be prepared to fly a holding pattern untill the slot time arrives.
Or you can choose alternate.

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Not sure I understood you. Please could you explain what you mean?

Its not luck. There is clearance delivery IRl. And function somewhat same. If you arrive before time you’ll get in if traffic permits. Most aircrafts IRL arrive before time.

If you request flight from vabb to vidp with Estimated flight time 2hr 15min.
And ATC denies you with destination airport is full expected slot time in 15 min. Or divert to vilk
Ypu have 3 options.

  1. fly to vilk, best one to spread traffic
  2. wait 15 min and request again
    Or as @DS2001 said he would rather hold than wait on ground. Then
  3. requst flight vidp to vabb with estimated flight time 2hr 30min, instead of 2hr 15min get in air with some extra fuel. And be prepared to hold there before you are allowed to approach at your desired slot.

Yes but IF sees extremely unrealistic traffic levels at the hub airports, especially around now.

That is why I’ve this request to spread traffic to other controlled airports.
Plus with added bonus of the realism of clearance delivery frequency. It will complete the ATC part of IF with centre coming back

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Yes but people like to fly between the main hub airports overnight (I do) and this feature will make that process a bit of a pain.

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It’s a nice tought idea, but I don’t agree with it. IF is a mobile sim. It’s not intended to have much wait time, you just wanna grab your phone, make a flightplan and go. You play this sim to learn and to be free in where to go, so this would not help with that.