Automated ATIS (all servers)

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Currently in IF we have ATIS, but it is unable to use for good reason. Back when it was used, a controller would manually enter the information (kinda defeats the automatic terminal information system bit…), and would have to re-write it all in for corrections. Wasn’t a great system. I suggest we have an automated system implemented, that follows this format:

ATIS format

Location: The airport that is broadcasting the ATIS

Identifier: Each ATIS is given a letter to identify it. This letter is spoken as all letters are in aviation, using the phonetic alphabet.

Time of Issue: This is the time that the recording was made, given in Zulu time.

Winds: Current wind information. If winds are 6 knots or less and varying in direction, they’re considered Variable (VRB). If the winds are less than 3 knots the winds are listed as Calm. A variation of 10 knots or more is considered a Gust (Example: 120/21G33. ‘Winds from one two zero at two one knots gusting to three three knots’.) .

Visibility: The current visibility at the airport. Less than 3 miles is IFR. Three miles or greater is VFR.

Weather Phenomenon: Rain, Mist, Snow, Thunderstorm, etc.

Sky Condition: This will give the altitude of the bottom (base) of the clouds relative to ground level (AGL) as well as the amount of cloud cover. A Ceiling is defined as cloud coverage of Broken or higher. This will become important when determining whether conditions are VFR or IFR. A ceiling of less than 1000ft or lower is considered IFR.

Few (FEW): 2/8 or less of the sky area is covered with clouds.
Scattered (SCT): 2/8-4/8 of the sky is covered with clouds.
Broken (BKN): 4/8-6/8 of the sky is covered with clouds.
Overcast (OVC): 6/8 or more of the sky is covered with clouds.
Temperature/Dewpoint: The current temperature and dewpoint at the airport.

Altimeter: The current barometric pressure of the airport, given in inches of mercury in the US and Canada, and millibars (or hectopascals) every where else.

Approaches and Runways in Use: The current approaches and runways being used for takeoff and landing.

Remarks/Notams: Other information such as bird activity, unlit towers in the area, inoperative airport lighting or systems, etc. are listed in this section.

Closing Remark: Each ATIS will close with “Advise controller on initial contact, you have (current ATIS letter, Alpha/Bravo/Charlie/etc…)”. The first call to any ATC at the airport should include the ATIS identifier. This tells ATC that the pilot has listened to and understands the current ATIS information

Almost all of this information can be pulled from the METARs, except the approach and runways in use, and the NOTAMS/remarks. I suggest the tower controller be able to select the active runways, below broadcast message there be program ATIS runways, and you select first, pattern work accepted/refused, then which runways for departures, then arrivals, then patterns

E.g @PHOG Pattern work > Accepted > Departures runway 02 and 05, arrivals runway 02, patterns on 05

A full ATIS report would be something like:

PHOG, information Foxtrot 042345Z, Winds 260 at 12, 8SM sky conditions SCT, Temp 17 ~Dew point M02 altimeter 30~ (irrelevant to IF), Patterns accepted, Departures runway 02 and 05, Arrivals runway 02, patterns runway 05. Advise on contact you have information Foxtrot (would be automatically added to first call to tower)

This would be really useful I think, and add alot of realism, without requiring an extra controller.

if I’ve got anything wrong just say I’ll correct it

People would get so confused by this 😂

But, I like the idea, hopefully, the trolling aspect would be cut down by a ton, best of luck with this!


Eh I know exactly what it says because that’s how real atis works


As do I. But it could be confusing to other members (younger ones specifically) who don’t know much about aviation, aren’t on the forum, cannot understand it because of language barriers, etc. :)


Auto-translate; and it’s only as difficult as METARs. The most important bit (runways) isn’t hard to understand anyway

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Great job explaining the ATIS and the info it transmits, and a great addition for realism and better flying for IF!


Well, if they read this post then…

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So, for that we have casual servers, and for professionals who can read that, can play on expert


MaxSez: @Insertusernamehere Your kinda duplicating the repeat Topic “Where ATIS” which was bumped recently but that’s ok. I’ve been hammering the ATIS broadcast for a very long time. I’m even moving votes so I can remain with the ATIS conundrum until reinstalled, This votes for you! Regards


With global, as people know specific airport procedures less and less, this could help alot

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I would much rather have clearance delivery frequency, ATIS is nice to have but you could just look at the METAR. Clearance delivery on the other hand would enhance the realism of IF LIVE


But ATIS tells active runways 😉

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Looking at the wind velocity and direction of the wind you could tell which runways are active or not. But it ATIS would make life much easier but if you want to see active runway just look at the wind direction and velocity.

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From assisting a Verbal Air Traffic Control Service (Infinite Flight Air Traffic Service, pm me for info) this is the typical ATIS information we would use (PLEASE NOTE THIS IS AN EXAMPLE) pilots would say this on initial contact with the Clearance Delivery Controller “Heathrow tower, BAW192 with information B, requesting clearance to …” This is an example of the real world procedure used with ATIS information, so we would kinda need Clearance Delivery as well, would make things a lot more interesting and realistic.

0053 ZULU.
WIND: 0 6 0 AT 3 .
ALTIMETER 2 9 7 4.

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Everyone keeps referring to weather information.

The full METAR is already in IF. Only runways in use are not.

But everyone who keeps saying “wouldn’t it be cool to know the barometric pressure” or “wouldn’t it be nice to know the ceiling”, it’s already there.


The primary importance of ATIS for me would be runways and pattern work, not weather


Yes. I get that.

That’s why I mentioned runways in use.

But it’s also why I’m confused that everyone keeps referring to the weather info that’s already available.


Particularly as the METAR is easier and quicker to use imho

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If FDS decides to put SIDs and STARs (Which at some point they’ll do to achieve their goal of a FS) Like in real life it should contain the active SIDs and STARs that the ground controller (To make Ground more Useful) will assign a SID for a plane depending on their departure course. Nice Topic John

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With the global update fully released and going strong, I think this topic deserves a re-visit. As people explore new, different airports, the familiarity that we had with the old region airports will be lost, and an ATIS broadcast would be significantly more useful now as pilots are less aware of that airport’s runway usage etc.