Autoland turning on without pressing it

I was in an A320, I took off from KPSP but decided to go back. In the way back, The plane was out of my command. I tilted the device left but the plane was turning right. I calibrated my device but nothing changed. I looked around. The problem was that the APPR (AutoLand) was turned on without my command! Was I a victim of a community test for adding failures, or is has a hacker hacked my game, or this is a bug?

or maybe you just hit the button on accident?


Maybe change the title to ‘Autoland turning on without pressing it’ or something like that


indeed, really misleading title

The proper word is actually “vague”


@EdT I changed the title. @Parsa_Farjam please make the title a bit more descriptive and less misleading. Thanks.

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And still misleading :-) Btw anyone figured this out?

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