I just got the BBJ today and I tried AUTOLAND for the first time… I realized it did flare and cut power off by itself which is really cool but in real life Flying is that also real? I thought Airplanes can land it self then right when your like 50ft above you take off Autopilot and land it by yourself :)

In the real world of aviation, autoland systems will automatically flare for you while landing. However, most pilots do not like how the autoland system lands the plane (it kinda lands hard), so they turn it off before flaring, and land the plane manually.

Pilots will turn the autoland off when the runway becomes visual, and manually land the plane. This is usually well before 50 feet and before ‘minimums’

The full autoland all the way to the runway will only be used in CatIII conditions whereby the runway does not become ‘visual’ until it’s too late to then switch to manual flying at the last second.

Could pilots also land the planes by them self with no visability at all but the signals from GPS or ILS? @MitchellJames

Can somebody tell me if this is true or not?

The ILS signal yes, required visibly is 75 meters min but passing a certain point 0 vis is also fine but for taxi you will need to be able to see atleast 2 taxiway centerline lights as with 1 light you don’t know if you are following the taxiway or not.


Yeah planes like airbus can literally fly themselves

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You can use auto land for a short flight too. I flew from EGLL to EGSS and back, and I had auto land on for almost the whole flight, from after stabilizing after takeoff to touchdown, and it was succesful!