Autoland question

When you have airport names on it also shows you the runway numbers. Now…some of the airports in IF have the runway number off center. would this cause an aircraft with autoland to touchdown off center? Reason why I am asking this is because that almost happened to me today so I turned off autoland and just landed manually.

The auto land uses the ils if I am correct. So.even airports have ils issues like kfso so I might be off.

You need to have faith in the auto land function as when it goes out of direction it 99% corrects it self

I doubt that woulda happened especially when I turned it off about 100ft from landing at PHKO because it still continue to land just to the left of the runway.

APPR mode nearly flew me straight into the ground miles from Stockton once. I switched off A/P and flew the approach manually… I don’t trust it 100%, just like IRL I suppose


@MisterLargo… ILS or GPS setting. Correct Airport & Runway Set in the AP destination window? intercept the Localizer as directed? Is it the plane or the pilot. Suggest re-read APPR guidance! Regards

@Chris_S… ILS Localizer beam off calibration. Note it, file a gripe in Support the Airport wizards will fix it. max

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@MisterLargo… MaxSez: Who lov’s ya body!

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Dont use the autoland and it won’t happen.

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