Autoland or manual land?

Just out of curiosity…

What do you do most?

  • Autoland
  • Hand land

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I wonder sometimes if I should practice my landings more or just let APPR do it for me. What are your thoughts?



Also for those who vote hand land, do you fly on a tablet or phone ?


iPad both sometimes I fly on my phone.

I always hand fly the plane after 1000ft. Only in zero visibility conditions, I do an auto land. In low visibility, if I have the runway in sight before 300ft, I disconnect the autopilot and hand fly the airplane.

I use an iPad btw


Manual. I just turn in ILS until 700ft AAL and land it

Im using phone


I used to do APPR until minimums, then disengage all AP and hand land the plane. However, recently, I’ve been disengaging all AP except the speed around 8-10 nm from the airport, then disengaging speed at minimums.

And I use an iPad.

I use iPhone 11, I have approach mode on until the red boxes appear then I disconnect the autopilot and land it myself. Which is about 1000ft AGL. The reason I still have the boxes on is because the Papi lights are basically non existent in the daytime and hard to see at night

both, but currently on Ipad

And also, I usually hand fly the plane from 1500-2000ft to the ground

How do the 7% of people who voted for autolands even survive at airports without an ILS?

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I always turn off the A/P about 6.5 miles out

Just had -70fpm into ATL a while ago

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Mostly when i‘m in the cone i fly by hand on the IPAD. Minimum 2000ft AGL.

Real Fun

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Hand flying is the only way to go!!! I use my iPhone XS Max and I make some pretty nice landings. I disconnect the autopilot on long final. I NEVER use APPR to land the plane. Even during low visibility conditions, I fly manually

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i always do a hand land no matter what - and i use an iphone

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Hand land - unless visibility warrants an autoland.

I love manual landings!

Although, occasionally (especially in strong crosswinds) I use APPR to get me lined up onto the final approach course - and then turn it off as I reach the FAF, and land it by hand.

I use a tablet (iPad Pro).

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I always do hand landings, often I do Visual Approaches if it’s low traffic.

iPad Pro 11” and 12.9” mostly, sometimes I’ll do some patter work on my iPhone Pro Max to maintain my landings. I enjoy the iPad experiences more than the phone.


Levet…stop flexing how many devices you own 🤣


I’m very used to manual land so chances of me using APPR is extremely low.