Autoland Needs Work


I like to land manually but I have had cases where auto land has saved my butt. Low visibility, difficult approaches that I have done for the first time, or just approaches that I have messed up on accident, I may use auto land to recorrect to avoid having to go around.


I feel like the autopilot turns on nav mode used to be very fast and rough, and I think they did end up fixing that. So doing the same thing for auto land’s vertical function is actually not that out of the ballpark. There is a lot of adjusting before getting on the glide-slope.


Exactly, and in the case of being too low why can’t the aircraft just level off? If you hope to intercept from below the glide path, which is perfectly normal its pretty much just asking for a stall.


If you want an Autoland Rework, go ahead and vote/continue discussion for it here. Thanks :)


Doesn’t autoand slam ur plane on the ground?


If you don’t want your plane to slam on landing, don’t use auto land.


Yup Hhahahah


Wasn’t that my exact reply?