Autoland Needs Work


The autoland feature may come in handy for new pilots, but for experienced pilots it sort of gets in the way. Do you guys agree with me? Is this a dumb question?


Never had a problem with autoland myself, only use it when the visibility is terrible. What do you mean by getting in the way? You can just ignore it if you don’t want to use it.


I guess it sort of was a dumb question then. Thanks anyway.


It’s not a dumb question, I was just wondering how you think it gets in the way.


Realistic APPR?


No it’s needed for very bad visibility most people don’t use it there’s no enjoyment in my opinion using it that’s the best part of the flight.


I’ve only accidentally hit APPR a couple times, to comical effect. I really only use it when I’m texting someone


I mean bad when I say bad. Talking about the kind of bad where an airport would probably be closed.


“gets in the way” like one button extra on the screen? you can make the display go away after 2 seconds if it is a problem or a “dumb” feature


Well, even during bad weather, pilots will use the ILS to help them land the plane.

General rule of thumb though, if you can see the runway, don’t use APPR. It’s always great to practice landing and it’s much more fun.


The only conditions I use it are those which I had at EHAM where the runway was only visible about 1 second before landing. I can back in a 747 and you couldn’t see the taxiways it was so bad.


i agree with you, in sometimes harms (obviously by grabbing it well)


Don’t real life planes have an auto-land feature?

If we remove this feature from IF are you sure we’re making IF more realistic?


They do have auto-land in Real Life, but the APPR here is so bad it might as well be removed😕


I also think that they added it to too many planes that don’t have it in real life.


Almost every modern plane has an autoland system.


I think what he is trying to say is it needs to become more smooth, and not cause you to stall when you are 10 feet off the glideslope.


That’s what I’m trying to say.


You know what, I agree with on this one. I don’t think it should be removed but it definitely needs improvement. The you should have to wait till your right one the glide slope to activate it. The drastic climbs and descents probably have caused a great number of crashes. What I do now in low visibility instead is use Nav to stay on the Localizer and just control the final descent with VS. Using this technique for ILS approaches is much more comfortable. I probably even go as far as saying that they should just make it a “LOC” button instead so we can still get that perfect intercept and then just stay on the glide path ourselves.


Completely agreed. Thanks for the insight.