Autoland Love and Hate


@MishaCamp I am definitely looking forward to using the autoland this fall in Seattle!!

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Yes it does look you need bit of practice and bit tricky on iphone, it’s bit of gamble when you try not to break speed violation if you hit 30/32 knots ;) thanks for letting us know that manual brake exist.

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Check my tutorial :)

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I thought your tutorial got locked?


Yes because so many people started off topic comments :( I flagged them all but they kept going so mod took action :)


Yea I know which is a shame it was a good one. @Aernout

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Science this about the autoland feature I have one questions!

If you don’t have the bbj, you have to buy 20 other planes to get that specific one! Which would cost me 60-80€ just to get the one plane that has an auto land system! Why can’t I just have the option of buying that plane only! I’m curious! ?


Why did you chage it. We paid for “live weather” people were having fun even though 10,000 passengers were killed

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