Autoland Love and Hate


I already seeing people writing off auto land features in new update. It’s only been out for 2 days. Give it sometime and after It get heavily used then dev’s can take feed-back, and fine tune it if it needs any. it’s not like they can add and delete features click of finger, they put so much effort into it. Maybe for some ppl Its like you don’t like a song the first time you hear it then ur addicted to it. So go and explorer new runways no more sweeping left and right on glideslope. just pray you would never crash land with autoland " lol that would be insane if you did" happy landings.


My auto land directs me into mountains

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I believe they warned about that. Simple-don’t use autoland at the affected airports

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You must have choosen the ILS long way from the glideslope. Autoland works hand in hand with side/star procedures, so if you approach airport in safely manner like you always did, then use autoland to line you up on ILS from turn or Straightin then it’s upto you to keep going with autoland or go manual .


I just saw first hand the issue I raised about terrain and all runways giving false glideslopes - Canberra YSSY had less than 1/2 SM visibility just before, runway 17 was displaying as active due to the wind. People started doing autoland approaches on 17, utilising the fake glideslope. But at about 3.5 miles out from 17, there’s a hill that peaks at 2944 feet, causing some major dramas.

Now runway 35 is full ILS. As the wind was only 5 knots 95 degree crosswind, all arrivals should have been using runway 35 autoland, down the perfect unobstructed glideslope. People got false hope due to autoland working on 17 and switched it on, sat back, made a cup of tea and came back right in time to see a hill coming straight for them.

Side note: I think everyone just managed to miss the hill

In regards to its actual functioning, I’ve played with it 3 times now, including 1/8SM visibility AND a 20 knot crosswind, and it did a pretty good job of getting me down smoothly just after the threshold.


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I just changed the wind to 350@5kts, people will have to relaunch their session, but it will make things clearer. We should be using 35 now anyways.

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There will always be autoland haters, from an on the job perspective:

The IF autoland works great for a first edition! In real life we only do an autoland when low visibility procedures are in force. LVP in force means mostly fog around, and when there is fog it means automatically very little or no wind in the area so all the haters don’t worry about anything as the basic concept is great! If you don’t wanna use it don’t but maybe that one day you will appreciate it when you come in with 75 meters visibility and you would have otherwise crashed…


Yes that is true but it works perfect on the runway but if I land the Brakel go on is that also in the real world?


Yes, autobrake.


Bit the airplanes is standing so fast still on the runway in the real world it takes longer I think


That’s because people use unnecessary full reverse until 20kts in IF while in real life Thrust reverse mosty come off at about 80kts and Idle reverse is used.

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In IF there is only 1 brake mode, in real life you will have a few different options with less braking so you are right in that.

@LSZH34. Reverse thrust is only effective at high speed so at low speed, below 70 - 80 knots it’s not effective at all.

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I use about 40% reverse thrusters and release at about 70-80 knots. I normally release my auto brakes at about 90kts and use the manual brakes for exiting the runway and taxing.


Do we have manual brakes? You referring selecting deselecting brake as you wanted? Talking about speed brake?


IF has manual brakes, just pull straight down on the rudder slider.

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thanks! I didn’t know that :)

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I don’t get why people hate it. If you hate it: don’t use it! And if you love it then great: use it all the time! Kinda silly when people say how they are refusing to use it and how it is pointless. I’m like ‘ooo…that’s nice good for you’

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@Aernout It’s a great feature, but it does take practice to learn :)

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