Autoland LOC Alignment

I have noticed that when aligning for a 30 degree intercept of an ILS cone and enabling the APPR button, the 787’s and 777-300ER tend to miss the intercept and then turn the opposite direction in order to get back in line on the localiser. This continues back and forth, sometimes until quite far down the ILS which caused me to go around. Could this be due to a sharp 30 degree intercept? (e.g. Intercept at 10-20 degrees to reduce the swaying?). The effect is similar to how the old 787 model used to sway ± 3 degrees either way of a set heading on the old autopilot flight model.

Aircraft weight below MLW. Speed below 180 IAS.

Device Info
Apple iPhone 6
iOS 9.3.3
Infinte Flight 16.06.0


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I would suggest turning on APPR when you’re established on the glide slope and localiser.

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Ensure you’re established on a 30 degree intercept at the absolute most. The APPR system will climb or descend to catch the glideslope and will also begin turning to get to the localizer. This may result in some “S Turns” to get established.

For best results, establish on the localizer yourself then set the APPR.

  1. Hand fly or make AP adjustments to establish near-perfect on the ILS.
  2. Set AP Speed
  3. Select APPR

You should have an uninterrupted approach and a smooth transition to auto land. Good luck!


This seems to work best for me. The only annoying thing is when the plane tries to climb rapidly to meet the glideslope, instead of flying level to wait for it to come alive. That’s why I usually only activate APPR after I am on or slightly above the glideslope.

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That’s the only way i know of doing it right!

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