Autoland issue

Hello, I’ve had some problems regarding the autoland in Infinite flight. So, What’s the problem?
Whenever I am on final, the plane literally Dives into the ground about 100-200 feet from the runway. I remember this issue happening on the B737-800 and the A320… Is there a way to fix this issue? Anyways, I don’t use autoland anymore as i’m grade 3… I learnt how to land. A few of my friends also had this issue…


Try calibrating your device before disengaging autopilot so there is a smoother transition from APPR to manual flying.

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The key is to be established on the localizer and glide slope if not the aircraft will go all over seeking this. Have you seen the #tutorials section for utilizing the APPR feature for certain aircraft?

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It’s possible your clicking APPR too early, or you’re not in the gildeslope at all.

There is limitations, check this out:

Oh, I haven’t thought of that, thanks!

That’s alright, I don’t use autoland anymore, but I’ll be sure to check it out… Thanks for the support!