Autoland is broken

How come when I activate autoland, the plane has a seizure and falls to its bloody death?!?! When I hav ethe glideslope perfect and the align thingy also, I activate the autoland, then the whole plane pitches up to 40°, then there I go, falling from 4,000 to 0.


Just out of curiosity, what aircraft does this happen with?

All aircraft but mostly 737

Would you mind sharing one of your replays with us where this happens?

I tried putting the video in but it wouldn’t work … what do I do to show it to you? Because I have it

What airplane?

What speed are you approaching at?

You can upload it to YouTube and give us the link.

Read above

Do you adjust your thrust during landing? If you don’t it’s going to stall

It does that because you aren’t on the ILS Glideslope I think it’s called, It does that so it can align itself with the ILS.

Laura addressed this issue once:

That’s strange, I flew 737 this morning with auto land and this didn’t happen. Do you adjust your thrust throughout the duration of landing to prevent stalling?

Yes…I think so

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Because you are too low for the approach at the distance you are from the runway. So, in order to fix that, it performs an unrealistic maneuver to gain the altitude back. I recommend being ready to increase throttle once you enable APPR.


In all try to not use appr since it ruins the fun of landing, and it’s kinda broken.

If it completely nose dived you are too heavy… Appr doesn’t get activated if you are too heavy.

Nothing wrong with appr other than when it intercept it doesn’t do smooth transition.

It works perfectly fine for me. You’re probably doing something wrong.

Well I know how to use it, I just don’t use it often.

So why say its broken if you dont use it?

Sometimes when am on glide slope and have the correct speed for my aircraft and weight. The plane still dose big pitches. And sometimes the plane flares to late. If am doing anything wrong I’ll Check the tutorial.