AutoLand Confirmed on 777!

Aside from autoland, will other liveries be included in the next update? Please add Philippine Airlines on the 777-300ER. Thanks

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This should suit you better in terms of your request: Philippine Airlines Livery!

You’re right. Thanks

I don’t see why everyone makes such a big deal of people that use autoland. It’s a nice feature, I only use it when I’m tired at night and afraid I’m gonna crash haha. I always land the plane without it but sometimes it’s good to keep you on the ILS.


Autoland is cool. You can watch your plane from different angles and it’s fun in a while to not monitor everything.


I’m quite happy about these news. Adding Autoland means adding Ground Effect as well.


I love autoland, disconnect at 400 feet! That’s how professionals do it so don’t get why everybody complains as most want it as realistic as possible :)


Yay, updated physics! Autoland should be good too, if used in bad conditions. Everyone should remember that there is Autoland in real life, so there is no big problem if you use it at times when you really need it. I hope there’s gear tilt too :-)

From matts Insta picture, doesn’t look like so.

You never know if he might add it soon ;-)

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Yay. Great announcement. Time to bump some 777 feature livery requests. I wonder since they’re updating the physics, will they add the 777-300 and 777-200LR?

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Alright, I appreciate the reasoning! It’s still a lot more fun for some manual landing :) thanks Matt. Appreciate the response!

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Never worse than @StikLover2

Just a joke ;)

I don’t really care if all IF planes get autoland because I will never use it because I like to do all my landings manually :)


gear tilt is a must have mate!! I hope they will add :))


I hope it too, a dream would come true :D

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Because everyone thinks they know everything here.



Nav Lights improved (white ones are missing at the tip and tail fin + B777 strobe lights (1 flash)

If you don’t like it, don’t use it, it’s that simple. Nothing else changes except for one extra button on the screen.