AutoLand Confirmed on 777!

Honestly I don’t like auto land. When i tried it with the BBJ it made my plane stall and go crazy. Auto land is not something i want.


It’s because you still have to control the SPD


Good news they aren’t just working on one plane.Now that’s hardwork i must say…especially if it’s coming with cockpit lights

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Well at least we know the 777 is getting reworked… (sobbing) and fixed with… Autoland D:

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No, it wasn’t that. My speed was fine. The second i turned auto land on my nose pitched up and I freaking listed over onto one side. Luckily, I turned it off and made my approach by hand.

The same happens with me so whenever I fly the BBJ or the A320 family I don’t use it.

Thats because you’re lower than the glideslope

No, I was definitely higher. 3,000 feet.

Sometimes it seems like your right on it, but you might not be. But I agree. Autoland is a cool feature for low visibility. Otherwise, you don’t have use it and there isn’t a problem! I’m all for more features on planes.

Reworking all the long haul aircraft… hmm… big announcement to come…


BTW. There isn’t a 777 currently with the updated American livery. Is that a 77W or 772? Looks like a 77W, right?

No, don’t we just have the American old livery and OneWorld?

EDIT; My bad, didn’t remember we already had that :) I was thinking only on the 772

We need to focus on the 787, but they could add the 77w


Still this is a problem?and are you sure because if were higher you were supposed to pitch down…anyway check on the tutorials on how to use it

Forget Autoland. Gear Tilt baby!!! Woohoo!!


Doesn’t mean they won’t add it. ;) One can only hope!


I know why, you cant land the plane after rework!

Autoland isn’t something for noobs… You kinda have to set it up properly to make it work. I actually use it quite often :)


Depends on the conditions for me, plus scenary.

Sometimes you just want to enjoy your landing as a passenger… :)